2024 4th International Conference on Precision Instruments and Optical Engineering (PIOE 2024)



- Malaysia -


Malaysia, a country divided into 13 states and 3 federal territories, boasts a total land area of 330,000 square kilometers. It is renowned for its rich diversity, encompassing multiple ethnicities and cultures. As a capitalist nation, Malaysia's economy experienced rapid growth in the 1990s, propelling it to emerge as a diversified industrial powerhouse in Asia and a recognized emerging market economy globally. 

The country follows a new economic policy that prioritizes Malays and indigenous communities, reflecting its commitment to addressing socio-economic disparities. In recent years, the Malaysian government has been actively shaping a national identity centered around Malay culture, implementing the "national education policy" to promote universal education among Malays. Additionally, Malaysia boasts a well-established Chinese education system, catering to the Chinese community within the country.

Popular tourist destinations in Malaysia include Independence Square, iconic mosques, the National Museum, vibrant Chinatown districts, the mesmerizing Mangrove Nature Reserve, and the towering Twin Towers. These attractions showcase Malaysia's cultural richness, natural beauty, and modern architectural marvels, making it a top-choice destination for travelers worldwide.